Secondary School Workshops

Details of our primary workshops can be found below or can be downloaded here PLACED Secondary Workshops Flyer We also develop tailor made workshops to meet individual needs, from engaging students in school investment to extended programmes supporting a project theme.

The prices for our workshops can be found here and T&Cs here

For more information, advice on which workshop will best meet your needs or to book a workshop contact Jo on or 07968 237 280.

Full day workshops

Designing a School Garden

Pupils will develop a sustainable garden for their school considering design, budgets and sustainability, and whether their new space would be inclusive for the local community.
Year 7-10

Redesigning Your City

Pupils will redesign a public space to create a cultural hub considering urban design issues and the wider context before focusing on architecture and designing one of the buildings in their proposal in more detail.
Year 7-13

Designing for Food

Pupils will be given the task of designing an innovate food stall that meets the needs and interests of potential customers, as well as responding to the local built environment.
Year 8-13

Sustainable Communities

Pupils will explore ways in which designers work closely with communities in regeneration areas to create places where people want to live, study and work.
Year 9-13

Reuse and Refurbishment

Buildings that no longer fit their original purpose and have become derelict can be redesigned to have a whole new lease of life with some creative thought and design.
Years 9-13

Half day workshops

Future Designers

Pupils will have the challenge of thinking creatively about what our future cities may be like for working, living and socialising, then developing ideas for a new, exciting space.
Years 7-8

A Space for Music

Pupils will explore how the design of places we listen to music being performed is influenced by the music being played there.
Years 7-9

Designing for a Sustainable Community

Sustainability is often thought about in terms of technology, but what about the broader aspects of sustainability?
Years 7-11

Interior Design

Pupils will learn about some of the key considerations in interior design, considering the building fabric, light, function, colours and styles before creating their own interior design models. Years 7-13

Thinking about scale

Pupils will learn about the importance in design of the relationship between the human body and its surroundings, and how even the smallest space can be high quality.
Years 8-10

Architectural Styles

Pupils will learn about different architectural styles through history using local buildings as examples.
Years 8-11

A Cultural Space

This session explores what culture means, how design can be used to create a cultural space influenced by the surrounding area and history in the heart of a city.
Years 8-13

A Nomadic Home

What happens when homes are no longer in one fixed position? What if where we lived could be moved? What would be the benefits and how would designers respond? Years 9-13

Designing for Climate Change

How does the climate and climate change effect the design of places? How can good design make even the most hospitable places habitable? Years 9-13

“I enjoyed having adults LISTEN to our ideas about the local area and designing a place for us”


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