Primary School Workshops

Details of our primary workshops can be found below or can be downloaded here PLACED Primary Workshops Flyer. We also develop tailor made workshops to meet individual needs, from engaging students in school investment to extended programmes supporting a project theme.

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For more information, advice on which workshop will best meet your needs or to book a workshop contact Jo on or 07968 237 280.

Interior Design

Pupils will be challenged to redesign an empty building for a new purpose – whether a cafe, a shop or an entertainment space, exploring how their designs could bring new life into an old building.

Architectural styles

What styles of architecture can be found locally? How can you spot them? In this session pupils will learn about different styles of architecture before applying key characteristics to designs of their own.

An Outdoor Classroom

Pupils will create an exciting outdoor learning space for their school. They will think about how they could design a space tailor made to their own school grounds, which would allow learning to be taken outdoors.

A Space for Music

There are a wide range of places where we can listen to music. Pupils will consider what makes somewhere a good space for music before designing and building a space inspired by a set style out of very limited materials!

A Sustainable Cafe

Pupils will learn about sustainability and how good design can benefit both local people and the environment. They will use this new knowledge to design their own sustainable cafe inspired by different customers and types of food.

Using Wasted Spaces

Pupils will redesign a local waste ground for a range of different uses, from an art space to a community garden. They will consider how the space could benefit local communities and what it would need to include to attract a mix of users.

An Ideal Space to Learn

Pupils will design their ideal learning space. They will be challenged to think about learning in a very different way – from geography on a school bus to cookery on a beach – before thinking about how their ideas can be transferred to their own school.

Civic Design

What is a civic building? What type of buildings do cities need today? Pupils will design a new civic building for the modern city thinking about how it could really stand out.

Building a New City

This fast paced, practical workshop sees pupils thinking about the different elements that make up a city through building a large scale. Pupils will design their new city inspired by one of the following themes; sustainable city, creative city; future city or city of towers.

“I enjoyed having adults LISTEN to our ideas about the local area and designing a place for us”


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