Feedback and testimonials

Teacher Feedback and Testimonials

  • 100% would recommend an event to a colleague
  • 100% would participate in future PLACED activities
  • 92% said the workshop had clear curriculum links
  • 92% reported their pupils gained skills and knowledge through the workshops
  • 91% said the workshop gave them ideas for use in the classroom
  • 91% said the built environment could support their teaching
  • 86% said pupils gained knowledge about careers.

Primary Schools

Teacher Testimonials

  • “The workshop clearly supported Art and design technology, maths and problem solving. It built on speaking and listing when the children discussed their ideas. Thank you for such an enjoyable informative day. Both children and staff gained a lot from the sessions.” St Hughes Primary School, Liverpool
  • “It was wonderful watching the children work together. They were working in small groups and not necessarily within the normal friendship. I would not have expected all the children to complete the work to a very high standard. The children and the staff enjoyed the session immensely.” Monksdown Primary School, Liverpool
  • “The aim was to encourage children to think about sustainability within their local environment. The children used a range of skills linking to the new curriculum such as Design & Technology, Art and Geography. We enjoyed the way the children worked as team and it was great to see the children using their creatively and knowledge to create something useful.” Barlows Primary School, Liverpool
  • “Thank you very much for a fantastic day. The children had an amazing time and we were delighted with and very proud of the children and their efforts.” Our Lady St Swithin, Liverpool.

Pupil Feedback and Testimonials

  • 98% said the day was fun and 92% said the day was interesting
  • 94% said the workshop leads were good
  • 90% know more about architecture and the built environment
  • 86% would like to learn more about architecture and the built environment
  • 86% learned how to do something new.
  • “The best thing was when the groups made the buildings and when we learned about the different types of shapes”
  • “I really enjoyed when we planned out our design because we got to expresses our ideas and share them with you and the other pupils”
  • “When I’m older I want to do this and I’m very pleased we go to do this”
  • “It was so fun and it brought our classmates closer together”
  • “This workshop was really good and I learned loads. I loved it! :)”

Secondary Schools

Teacher Testimonials

  • “Our students love PLACED workshops and keep asking when they will be back! Workshops are interesting and engaging and all students learned valuable skills. A lot of students have gone on to find out about careers in architecture, inspired by PLACED. I would highly recommend PLACED.” Notre Dame Catholic College, Liverpool
  • “PLACED have delivered tailor made workshops for many years at Cowley to suit our student’s needs and support various curriculum areas. The high caliber workshops provide students with an opportunity to apply learning to the world of work, learn skills and hear about careers from professionals.” Cowley International College, St Helens
  • “The week was excellent and provided a great opportunity for the pupils to embed enterprise skills in the curriculum in an innovative and exciting way.” St Peter’s Catholic High, Manchester
  • “The day was really beneficial and it really taught them how to work as a team.” Stretford Grammar, Manchester
  • “It has been fantastic to work with the PLACED team. They are an inspiring group of people with imaginative ideas. Pupils engaged with different aspects of Maths in a fun and creative way. They enjoyed meeting professionals who inspired them to work hard and they enhanced their team working skills.” Whitby High, Ellesmere Port.

Pupil Feedback and Testimonials

  • 92% said the day was fun and 94% said the day was interesting
  • 93% said the workshop leads were interesting
  • 86% learned how to do something new
  • 85% know more about architecture and the built environment
  • 74% know more about jobs in architecture and the built environment.
  • “I enjoyed how we didn’t get bored quickly, We kept going and working together”
  • “I would just like to say that I really, really enjoyed the workshop. It was the best I’ve ever done”
  • “I enjoyed learning about things that I would never normally learn in school. I learned a lot – it was fun and practical”
  • “The projects were really interesting, thought provoking and fun. I enjoyed creating and explaining ideas and concepts”
  • “I really enjoyed the day and I am hoping to go into architecture in the future.”

“I enjoyed having adults LISTEN to our ideas about the local area and designing a place for us”


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