FAQs and T&Cs

What kind of organisation is PLACED?

PLACED is a social enterprise. This means that we put social principles and aims at the core of what we do, whilst seeking to be a sustainable business so as we can keep working to benefit young people in our communities; we’re in it for the long haul, not just when government funding is available.

Why is PLACED different?

PLACED offers schools hands on and professional workshops that develop both the skills and knowledge of young people whilst directly supporting delivery of the core curriculum. It does this through a growing network of volunteer design professionals and students who are committed to inspiring young people. This allows us to offer a service that is affordable and flexible, allowing schools to choose the service that best meets their needs and budgets. Because PLACED is an growing network rather than just one or two individuals, we can always find professionals who have the best combination of skills and experience to meet your needs.

Why is there a charge for schools to take part in activities?

We would love all of our activities to be free. However, we want to deliver a flexible, sustainable and affordable programme that doesn’t rely on grant funding that can meet the needs of you, our clients. We keep our costs extremely low through the generous support of volunteer PLACED Ambassadors and PLACED Student Ambassadors.

What does our fee go towards?

Your fee will help fund the materials for the workshops, cover expenses for PLACED Ambassadors, and support the running costs of PLACED. All profits are directly reinvested in the business.

How do we pay?

We will invoice you following delivery of the workshop.

What is our refund policy?

Whilst we appreciate you have many priorities and pressures on your time, we kindly ask that you please do not cancel workshops once confirmed. As well as time spent in preparation, it is also a significant inconvenience to our volunteer Ambassadors who support the workshops, many of whom book time of work to deliver workshops for students. If a cancellation is required every effort will be made to find an alternative date. However, cancellation fees do apply.

  • More than 2 weeks before and an alternative date can be arranged: No fee
  • More than 2 weeks before and an alternative date cannot be found: 50% of the workshop fee
  • Less than 2 weeks before: 100% of the workshop fee, even if another date can be arranged

How do we know we will get a quality service?

We want to make sure everything we deliver is of a high quality. We constantly evaluate what we do and will ask for feedback from both teacher and pupils. We will regularly publish feedback on our website key so you can see what other schools are saying about our service. All feedback will be taken into consideration to make sure we are constantly improving.

What experience do PLACED Ambassadors have of teaching?

PLACED Ambassadors are not teachers, but most have experience of delivering workshops for young people. Some also work for local universities. They receive training and support in using their knowledge and experience to deliver activities that meet the needs of schools.

Do pupils need to be accompanied by a teacher / member of staff from the school?

Yes, we require a responsible adult to be present during sessions. Not only will this provide support to pupils and the workshop lead, but we also hope that you will gain new ideas, knowledge and inspiration that you yourself can take back and use in the classroom thereby helping us to inspire many more young people. Many teachers have advised us that they developed plans of work and delivered the session they attended in school for other year groups after attending our sessions.

Risk assessments and CRB

Ambassadors have an enhanced DBS check. A risk assessment can be provided on request.

“I enjoyed having adults LISTEN to our ideas about the local area and designing a place for us”


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