Case Study: Hebden Royd Town Council, Planning

PLACED delivered activities for Hebden Royd Town Council to support them in engaging children in the Neighbourhood Plan as part of the wider consultation process.

Client Aims

  • Delivery of a structured consultation and publicity activity at the Family Fun Day, engaging children in the new Neighbourhood Plan
  • Introduce children to concepts around planning, the built environment and how proposals relate to the site surroundings through modelling and discussion
  • Gain a real insight into what children wanted for the future of their area, rather than just being a ‘fun activity’
  • Potential to appraise and discuss the children’s ideas.


  • The activity was delivered as a drop-in session that children could participate in for anything from a few minutes to a full hour
  • Over the course of the day the activities invited children to consider five sites which form part of the neighbourhood plan
  • Following initial discussion and idea development, children were encouraged to make models and explore ideas, supported by the PLACED team
  • The ideas developed were summarised to support discussion with the wider public.


  • Increased awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan among children and their families in a fun and creative way
  • Greater understanding of children’s perceptions of where they live, their priorities and their aspirations for the future of the area
  • Additional feedback on the Neighbourhood Plan gathered from parents and adults whilst their children were participating
  • Materials which could be taken to further consultation events to support wider dialogue
  • Children developed knowledge about designing and their local built environment.

Client Feedback


  • I wanted to introduce children to concepts around planning and designing the built environment. Using modelling and discussion I wanted children to think about how their proposals related to the landscape around their site. It met all of my expectations.

Outcomes of the activities for the organisation and participants

  • We had an event which raised awareness of our Neighbourhood Plan with adults through the engagement of their children. We got some good ideas for how to engage adults with the Neighbourhood Plan and how to get them to think creatively, and the materials left behind were put to this use.

Additional comments?

  • I would have no hesitation in recommending PLACED to anyone. Everyone was really impressed with the activity, and I have since used some of the materials to engage with adults on similar issues. I really appreciated the enthusiasm for my overall event and liked that PLACED seemed to ‘get’ what I was aiming for. They seemed very relaxed and enthusiastic, and were flexible on the day.

“I enjoyed having adults LISTEN to our ideas about the local area and designing a place for us”


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