Our values


  • Raising aspirations for young people’s career choices
  • Developing skills and talents in ways that are hands on and fun
  • Reinvigorating communities through inspiring projects.


  • Young people have a voice, and we work to allow them to be heard
  • We show to people how they can play an active role in their built heritage
  • We bring people together to talk about the best ways to regenerate.


  • We give people access to explore other options and avenues in the built environment
  • We ensure young people are better prepared for a future in architecture, by giving them key skills and experience from those working in the industry
  • We help to remove preconceived ideas about who can pursue careers in the sector and give participants the confidence to make the most of their talents.


  • We speak to people, we listen to them, and we turn this conversation into actions
  • We consult with all sides to provide a critical voice that provides clarity and understanding from different sides of the same conversation.

“I enjoyed having adults LISTEN to our ideas about the local area and designing a place for us”


Latest news

Ed The Campervan Helps Makes Better Places Together (22nd May)

We’re excited to launch our Ed, our camper van, and our new Better Places Together Campaign for Liverpool.

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